About the project

MacCaLM is a research project bringing together a group of leading economists to re-examine macroeconomic theory, focussing on how malfunctions in labour and financial markets seem to be at the root of macroeconomic failure.

The research is led by principal investigator Professor Hardman Moore of the University of Edinburgh. The project is split into 3 main themes, with Professor Hardman Moore leading on the theme of credit markets, Professor Michael Elsby leading on the Macroeconomy and Professor Jonathan Thomas leading on labour markets.

Professor Andy Snell, Professor Maia Guell, Professor Sevi Rodriguez-Mora, Professor Philipp Kircher, Professor Michelle Belot and Dr Ludo Visschers, all of University of Edinburgh also work on the project.

Professor Nobuhiro Kiyotaki of Princeton University, Professor John Hassler of Stockholm University, Professor Gary Solon of the University of Arizona, Professor Matthew Shapiro of the University of Michigan, Professor Ryan Michaels of the Philadelphia Federal Reserve Bank, Professor Iourii Manovskii of the University of Pennsylvania, Professor Pieter Gautier of the Free University of Amsterdam and Professor David Miles of Imperial College London.

The Project Executive Director is Professor Stuart Sayer. Any questions about the project should be directed to Fiona Ross, the Project Communications, Engagement and Grant Manager (maccalm@ed.ac.uk).

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