MacCaLM Co-investigator Leads Six Country Survey on Covid-19

MacCaLM Co-investigator, Michèle Belot, and co-authors have collected data on representative samples across 6 countries on variables related to Covid-19 to be used by the wider research community.

This new data set is collected on representative samples across China, South Korea, Japan, Italy, the UK and the four largest states in the US. The information collected relates to work and living situations, income, behaviour (such as social-distancing, hand-washing and wearing a face mask), beliefs about the Covid 19 pandemic and exposure to the virus, socio-demographic characteristics and pre-pandemic health characteristics.

The data set could be used for multiple purposes, including calibrating certain parameters used in economic and epidemiological models, or for documenting the impact of the crisis on individuals, both in financial and psychological terms, and for understanding the scope for policy intervention by documenting how people have adjusted their behavior as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic and their perceptions regarding the measures implemented in their countries.

The data is publicly available here, or read the paper which highlights some key features of the data, including a description of variables, selected summary statistics along with research projects currently underway that use the data here.