MacCaLM hosts “Economics of Covid-19” Workshop

On Tuesday 16th of June the MacCaLM project hosted an online workshop titled “Economics of Covid-19”.

The workshop brought together members of the MacCaLM research team and beyond to discuss their latest research on the Covid-19 pandemic. Featuring talks from MacCaLM co-investigators including Michele Belot, David Miles and Philipp Kircher, as well as Michele Tertilt of the University of Mannheim, the workshop explored many different emerging themes from the Covid-19 crisis such as the importance of testing, analysing the spread of the disease and the role of women’s employment in lockdown countries.

Not only did the event provide a platform for the MacCaLM research team and community to reconnect and exchange knowledge and ideas, it also highlighted the importance of economic research in tackling the societal challenges highlighted by the Covid-19 crisis.

Download the full programme here.

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